Thursday, November 13, 2008

computer drawings

My quick computer drawings of some of my favorite paintings...

The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai

with inspiration from Justin Bua-DJ

when I'm stuck at a computer without auto cad or 3d programs I try to draw (these are quick drawings actually from facebook) Usually i just play with one of the first computer programs to ever be invetented: "Paint" since I'm broke I like doing this cause although its very limited I don't have to pay for paint or other art supplies...and there's nothing to clean up : )


Intervenção Digital said...

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Jack Stephens said...

Oooooooo; cool. Neat little computer trickery there, I like.

By the way; I always hate it when people leave "commertisements" (comments that are just advertisements). Those are the whackist of all comments.

I'll go to my inbox and see "Comment on 'The Mustard Seed'" and be like, "Oh goody goody! New and exciting input." Then when I click on the url it's just some dumb advertisement (Booooooo!).

If only I was Thor the God of Thunder; I could smote all trolls and commertisements with the flick of my mighty hand!