Wednesday, December 3, 2008

womp womp womp

I just got back from the bay, spent 20 hours on the road in traffic to be there for 4 days. Had some good conversation with Phil and the Homie Anitheiess that made the time stuck in ridiculous amount of traffic fly by. We talked about the system, talked about making Exact Change while listening to Exact Change. Talked about our plans. Talked about why we didn't like the line "Rodney King Baby yeah I beat it like a cop" But we did like the line "Tell yo local PD you ain't gon Rodney King me." And the end of it all, like always, I am just a girl speaking my mind, when I speak on racism it is like a man speaking on sexism who has seen women that he loves oppressed by sexism. Feel me. Now ima handle my bizness so i can get this degree and continue to create;art-music-spaces-and hopefully some change...and thats not all folks

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