Sunday, March 14, 2010


ms. .....M E L I N A:.
.:....:..Jones = rare...breed....indeed:..::.:...
Some people have big hearts and make me love the world twice as much as i did before they came into my life. Melina Jones easily fits this category (and when i say fitting categories i mean break open boxes and shining ions that are similar to the ones i see in my heart) just by the talent in her right hand pinky alone. I will admit i have slept on this Emcees music a bit or i guess admired from a far, but that is all about to change. Thank god i was re-introduced to the Genius of MJ's lyricism again when this one painting the Town greenish blue at there (DO DAT-MELINA JONES THE BRIDGE) video because it pretty much saved my life (the re-introduction of fresh musica that is). I could go on all day and drown myself in dopeness that is this like minded artist but that would do no good, rather it is a must that you get a taste of this one for yourself and casually and naturally i actually gaurentee love after just a few listens (if not i will reverse clocks build bridges paint peace in the streets and make pigs fly away and give you 10% of me). Before you do (check the MUSICA) know that she is a rare breed for many reasons and in the league of the most talented emcees on the planet. (period notice there was no f to the e male in there because this rare species holds herrr own and and can knock out yo favorite rapper with her lyrics best believe)

n buy it not because she need you to buy her album but because you gon
need that music in yo ear when there aint no internet streaming and somebodies screaming
and if you got it on the ipod or the lap top or the something that plays music you will have a
plethora of tracks to keep you relaxed...

By the way have yall heard just RELAX--->

OK now that you have got acquainted theres another reason for this post and its almost ( and by almost i mean it is completly and extremly) more important than my favorite thing on earth (the MUSICA) and that is the concept of A MOTHER BEING A MAMA (loveing)----> so for THAT this MISS gets the award of 2010 for FLY MAMA (alert) and that doesnt go to anybody who has a basketball in their tummy for 9 months, ya feel me. All mamas deserve props but i save this award for the extra special mamas that deal and keep it real and put there childrens well being first even when it mean the battles the keys to heart being thrown around like a tug-a-war game and mean words getting bounce at you and back and forth like a ping pong game. and i cant forget about the good worth a magnet for your fridge moments the first step first smile first dance first free-style day of school raising a beautiful species that reminds you of yourself. Raising a seed to grow into a beautiful tree of life is the freshest thing ever, so the most high propers goes to M to the e LINA! best believe she has continued and impacted my believer dreamer attitude in the world immensly. REAL recognize REAL and this award aint going to nobody else this year but her, happy mamas day is everyday not just the one in may, we would all not be here, and if your like me you see em everytime you look in the mirror. Words can't express, the appreciation i have that this empress exists on this particular planet, and to add to the beautifulness she resides on the continent and vincinity, known as the sfc (how could i not feel blessed by that alone).

With Eyes Wide and a deep breathe one time
and a lil pride to get the present of the presence
MUCHO AMOR for shooore

----> W.R.E.N (agade)

my doodle while in class please come thru to AIR LOUNGE

to get a fresh breath of MUSICA



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