Sunday, March 14, 2010

mi cumple anos

23 years

Old Soul ready to Grow

with open


W. O. W.

This birthday was amazing i feel so blessed to have shared it with so

many people that I love. Thank you to all the people that came thru. And to yall that didnt and tried well celebrate soon (smile) and those that i didnt call i apologize (said wit a accent ana smile ya noo) ill catch you next time. ((And to those here in spirit smiling down on me thank you, you are my angels and im working

to make you proud)). I still need to process and meditate on this whole thing thang

to make my words make sense and ill post some pictures taken by my sister homegirl

and fellow artista Mercedes Martin soon.

If i could choose three words to represent my life as a 22 year old itwould be: evolve. Grace. and free. Many other words make sense such as

change is god but those are the ones that were not so constant (or i didnt own there constance) before this year. I found my grace this year on a different level. I freed myself

on a different level as well.and o how i evolved (the evolution of a

wrenagade) anyway.

Coming into this year the night i turned 22 i spent it with Katiana my sister from another mama and Jennifer Johns, and a DownLo full of

people yo. It was great i was honored by Jenn's shout outs as she mc'd the event. I danced my ass off and had a blastoff.But there were lots of events that followed that night that were struggles, and i thank god that i went through them because they brought me to Here and Now.

This is only the beginning there is so much more in store its not even the first day of life (as a twenty tres year old) so as i sit in the wome of my creativity know that you, cus you are me, mean the world to me. Now ready set go lets get free!!! Braaaaaaaa

Much Love to you foreal.

Pass it on.



Little Miss Knobody said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Wren said...

thank you miss somebody! much love!

Anonymous said...
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