Monday, January 18, 2010

its The King of Loves Birthday

Years ago i went to see the Youth Speaks show where Chinaka Hodge spit a poem she had written that vividly painted the man known for envisioning a dream of equality and breaking barriers. the visuals her words created are still in my head and will be imprinted on my retna till the end of time. Today a friend called me up and said he had VIP tickets to a warriors game, I excepted and we went. Through out the game there was interviews from the Warriors players and slideshows with quotes of the King. I love that my community honors him, but I think it is just as important to humanize him, he is an icon but he is and was also a person, with immense talent and vision to speak to people, but a person like you and me nonetheless. The best way to continue his legacy and to honor him is to never stop working for Progress no matter who is our president it is on us to be the change we wish to see, it is on the people. I started painting live at an MLK tribute and never finished the piece but when I do I will post pictures and any one who wants to buy it I will donate the money to HAITI relief. Now is not the time to go to sleep, in fact the closer we get to the dream this man envisioned the more delicate and pressing progress become. Like the shot clock at a warriors game every effort to make the dream happen is essential, critically needed to make sure that dream does not turn into a nightmare.

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