Monday, January 25, 2010


OAKLAND IN BLUE was another success (shout to the FRESHVIBE TEAM). Last night was amazing, Melina Jones brought her flavor. She did her set with some new jams,and took it back aswell. Her voice, her flows her spirit, her Frisco pride had the crowd rawking. I took a break from painting (live art of ms. Melina) to witness her performance, and watch the video projected on a big screen for everyone in Somar to see. The house was full of love, Bay Love, Oakland in the building and Frisco as well. BAY AREA LOVE all around. This is a love song, a hood song, a turf song, a good song...

Don't they Do DAT so well, don't they just meld, and blend there styles yet stay true and unique to themselves. There are a lot of deeper meanings to the song, which is why i don't mind hearing it over and over again so i been playing it on repeat and i suggest you do the same. Melina and Dat are unique to hip hopers not afraid to laugh and smile, and it makes them ever so much more love able, but don't get it twisted they are viciously talented and will whoop you in a instant in a hip hop battle.

The theme of bridgeing together two (rivaling) cities with this project was actualized in a very fly way. The video is fun, it was filmed in a day, I love the excellent quality of the video, the split frame shots accent the vibe. Erica Eng really went in and made some amazingly polished visuals for this song. The video has cameos with Will Bracy, who produced the song, Reza (former member of DoD.A.T's crew The Attik) This i a great look for the Bay, two emcees coming together, lyrics are powerful and the energy uplifting. These two artist are humble, and have huge hearts, they mentor and show support to other artists coming up in the game, and they really mean each word of there lyrics, which shines thru when they perform because you see the passion and the heart.

"dont force it 49ers took they portion...wanna know bout love and hate, participate open up her golden gates, it would be great if we could link at 8 get chill by the bay discuss the panthers fuck it ill hop bart and meet by the campus"

'How we interact so dig able send my message via light rail but did you get it tho adoration for you is reciprocal if minimal, 5 and dime, i kidnapped your heart like criminal' -(rare breed) -Miss Melina Jones

"CANT WAIT TO SIT BY THE LAKE AND POLITIC" Both of these artist are consciously politically involved in their communities. This song shows that you can also make feel good jam and interweave a positive message into the lyrics. In my opinion they put other emcees to shame, whether conscious its emcees with no delivery or style, or swagger overloaded commercial artist with so substance, cause they keep it fresh and they speak on it, and make it look easy so they get three thumbs up from me.The Bridge is something that is bigger than this song, even bigger than these two artists, these two cities, never wrong to bridge folks together, its about unity, something universal, yet so bayish and oaklandishly & friscociously talented.

THE LYRICS PAINT A SCOPE THAT INSPIRE ME, i wanna paint a series of illustrations from this song. Wind in Melina's hair and a smile like there ain't no cares, Dat telling jokes on his daily travel unraveling flows like a loose shoes string, these two artist go without moving, like ID who does the photo shooting, the harmony is soothing, and with this beat it feeling like no loosing, flavor just juicing out their mouths as they spit, these spittas are really coming with it, so real, that you can't help but feel it, and some how full of jokes to keep you laughen through the sun and the pain the smiles and the rain, it gives me pride and honor to say that I am at all connected with the team responsible for making this Collaborative project happen.

look out for both artist DO D.A.T. and Melina Jones as they continue to make moves and amaze us with all that they do.

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