Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Spanning the genres of Hip-Hop, Electronica, Soul and Reggae, 40Love's sound is versatile, unique, and ever-expanding. Hailing from San Francisco, 40Love is the rising new group gaining critical acclaim and "breaking sonic barriers" (URB).

The group, consisting of emcee G-OFF, producer Mikos, female vocalist/emcee Haze and DJ/Producer The Whooligan have released two full length albums, "Advantage" in 2007 and more recently "BANGERANG!" in February 2009. "BANGERANG!" features hip-hop heavyweight Black Spade, The Jacka of the Mob Figaz, soul star Jesse Boykins III, Denise Wallace, Bay Area legend L*Roneous and more.

Since their second release, 40Love has been reviewed and featured in media outlets like NBC, URB, Okayplayer.com, Venus Zine, VIMBY.com and Hard Knock Radio, as well as featured locally as Amoeba Records homegrown pick and CD Baby 1 Hyphy album two years in a row. They have recently been nominated for "Best Rap/Hip-Hop" in the SF Weekly Music Awards 2009. Their discography also includes mixtapes, "Up Up and Away the spacetrumentals" (The Whooligan) in 2008 and "The Stargazers" in March 2009, as well as a feature on Om Records release "Mushroom Jazz 6" by DJ Mark Farina, which sold over 15,000 units worldwide.

At a young age, the group has already shared the stage with some of the industry's most respected names, including Mos Def, MC Supernatural, MC Lyte, Mistah F.A.B., Zion I, the Living Legends, Wale, Blu, Mark Farina and more.

40Love has many upcoming projects in the works, including a production project mikooliganziland by Mikos and The Whooligan and a mixtape collaboration featuring Haze, Denise Wallace, and DJ Shred One. However, their most anticipated new release will be a free downloadable EP releasing January 2010.

For more info: myspace.com/40Lovehiphop or twitter.com/40Love

Contact: geoff@om-records.com

"Shaped by broodingly bubbling synths and ethereal hooks, sung by one of hip-hop’s most alluring sirens, Bangerang! is tailor made for nocturnal sojourns, preferably through urban streets, on a sticky summer night...Ably crooning lush choruses and spitting impeccably timed couplets, Haze possesses the rare combination of poise, swagger and sultry mystique that won fiercely loyal fan bases for Lauryn Hill, Mystic and Jean Grae...cooing breezy jazz flirtations...or spitting rapid fire vignettes of inner-city struggle... providing the tracks with both their warmth and their urgency...Mikos serves up warm drums with ample space in which his mercurial synths can leisurely unfurl. Meanwhile, the aggressive flow of G-Off offers a nice shot of adrenaline..."

- Okayplayer.com, Jeff Harvey

"Hip-hop isn’t really known for the hard-hitting female emcees anymore. Sure, there are the Jean Grae’s and Lil Kim’s of yesteryear, but these days you’re hard pressed to find a lady lyricist who has the total package. Haze, the female emcee of San Francisco-based group 40Love, just might be what the game’s been missing. Alongside producer Mikos, who draws inspiration from Pete Rock and forms the backdrop for this dreamlike narrative, rapper G-OFF, who is reminiscent of a young Common, and DJ Whooligan, who brings the spirit of '94 with his Primo-esque cuts, 40Love is equipped to break sonic barriers. "

- URB Magazine, Jason Parham

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