Monday, October 12, 2009


on this wonderful blog created by Dom Jones herself as a guest writer, with a piece entitled I AM ready to HERE to check it and check this blog regularly, I am honored to be 1 of many creative minds writing on there.

I started off not knowing where to start, never having been asked to guest write on anyones blog. The list of prompts was my motivation and once my fingers hit the keys to my lap top they didn't stop till it was done. I AM thankful because it challenged me to write in a different way, I felt like I used parts of my brain i had let fall asleep, now I got pins and needles and i gotta keep going...getting Ready to Grow.

Props to Dom Jones for taking action to build bridges between like minds. I am filled with smiles to see folks coming together, to truly support eachother and collaborate in a beautiful way. Looking forward to seeing the next pieces on the blog, Dom Jones performance this month, and the many beautiful projects to come that I can only make out suddle outlines to, but soon they will be drawn, outlined, filled in and painted with beautiful colors to bring them to life, and grow...and then some...

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