Friday, October 9, 2009

...Can i sleep and dream?...

Sometimes it seems i dream the most when i don't sleep
Scared of missing a minute i let the sunset and rise with my eyes wide
So why does it feel that if I am sleeping I am sleeping on my dreams

with visions imprinted on my irises to make my pupils cry blood
what will it take to make the nightmares go, when the nightmare are ingrained in my soul
when child hood memories are hidden in your mind to survive
sleep is like a delicacy hard to find

Wise women told me to get some rest, when she saw that i had ingested stress
I had infested my wishes with the disses we let in, building walls meant to crumble
But the walls felt like my rib cage, so went it a caved in, my heart was exposed

In the past i laughed through those caged moments pretending i did not want to spread my wings
Let the ego take shelter in humbleness, asking entrapping questions like who wants to hear me.
Ingesting a placebo and neglecting to take my own daily dose of medicine, but quick to spit
uplifting rifts to any open ear, that I thought i could impact

So this paradox that trapped the bird that I AM in a box
was my own fault, my own cause, feeling infected
thought it was useless to get immunized

Forgetting I had already realized
It is never to late to turn a dream into an action
Get some sleep but dont sleep on your beautiful dreams
Nightmares only haunt you if you let them

Its once scared me that the dreams in my sleep came true
Scenes replayed and actualized like de ja vu
Wanting gifts to somehow be blended but i grew
Into my dreams like you grow to fill out jeans

So sip this and wish it
to life like it is your last breath
to swallow with eyes shut
so i may rest in life
and rise in peace when i go

I am not sleeping on life
I can sleep when I die
Cant lie to myself
Cause I look me in the eye every morning that I wake up
So i can sleep when I die
and I can sleep and dream
And never fear that a dream can turn to my everything

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