Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RIP Guru

I just did a photo shoot with the homie S T
we knocked out hella locations and chopped it up about Hip Hop
the Town, how we both came to call ourselves Emcees
people that have passed away, and what inspires us.
This was a shot that from the shoot that captures some of that
we (myself and ST along with a lot of young bay area artists)
are hungry to make songs, and hop on stages,
at the same time honoring those who have influenced us
and paved the way by contributing to Hip Hop.

While we were driving to one of the locations
He revealed that his mother was in a gospel choir and influenced
him in a big way surrounding him with a plethora of musica,
along with folks like Do Dat, and the homies of the League510

I look forward to working with ST and seeing him rise.

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