Monday, May 24, 2010

im writing to tell you what Im writing for

...or to tell you why i haven't written. I dont want this to come off as a pity party (never that) but i been busy. Been through a lot. and I'm glad for every struggle, every moment, because I am happier than I've even been.

I have my art up at Mazu and I am laying out a calendar for Art Shows and Music Shows and everything so check back soon. WRENAGADE - promoting myself and as always all my homies.

"I pay homage to the folks that paved the way but scuse me while I get my shine on, now is the time, and we gon shine, Ima star, your a star, its the cosmos sucka it aint luck yall i was sent to this earth to burst onto this stage, break chains, and make change, by beautiful mean----"
-WRENAGADE RHYME - WRENAGADE VERSE check back for downloadable musica sooner than you think

for now check the flickr i just uploaded some shots from Malcolm X Jazz Fest
more to come...

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