Saturday, April 4, 2009

"haters been @round since Jesus was a boy"...

...thats so something that Jenn would say haha(Disclaimer: this is a wrenagade ramble stick wit me or not but im keep grinding till i make it to the top the top to me its not the pockets full but the ability to support me familia)

I have never liked to be surrounded by haters, if you seem like a hater and you aint fam I will probably cut you out my life, have you ever noticed how falseness or haterishness can rub off on a person, this is why I love to surround myself with fly mamas quick to complement a stranger on the street. I just got back from the bay, my life is moving at a fast pace but things are mos def. on the up. If you know me you know i dont sleep, which is bout to change, I gotta take care of me so i can take care of we, and I am really letting go of any limiting hater mentality. In order to be the change we wish to see, we have to let go of all those mechanisms that but things in boxes which ultimately limit space to feel free. I will never sacrifice my morals but I aint gon hate on you for doing you even if I disagree with you message. For the sake of my homeland my community and the moment I am apart of, I am working on letting hatred go, whether it be towards the police, or people that have done me dirty, or even the girl in the mirror, it dueces to negativity and painting peace till i cant paint no more.

One Love!

I used to hate on Lil Wayne for some of his lyrics but ima stop I cant say nothing bad bout this song, and it got me through a hard day here ya go...

And I`m grindin` till I`m tired
They say you ain`t grindin` till you tired
So I`m grindin` with my eyes wide
Looking to find, a way through the day, a life of the night
Dear Lord you`ve done took so many of my people but I`m just wonderin` why

peep in the video the name Sean Bell
who was wrongfully fatally shot by
the police, shown the picture above with

his beautiful family,
protest police

brutality and paint peace in these
streets from the murder dubs to new orleans!

Rise in Peace, All the people who have lost there lives to a bullet before there time, they will live on. Justice for Oscar Grant, for Gary King for Sean Bell for all those taken by the police, question why some are at risk just for being who they are, we need police that think like us, we need leaders who actually carry out the keeping of peace!!!!!

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Keeping speaking on it mamacita