Monday, April 6, 2009

Cops hate Kids...

First off i gotta say that im not trying to encourage any type of hate or generalize in anyway, this is a round table discussion which i hope anyone with a heart wants to speak on, I LOOOOVE this joint. check out the new joint from the homie Baba Zumbi : 'Cops hate Kidz' and please read the message from Steve himself.

He is really speaking on it, I cant get down with the messages some of my sisters have been spittn saying that "they happy the pig died" that is from a place of anger (on the some real ish) but that anger has led to hatred. Although I complety understand where that mentality is coming from thanks to a mentor who I am honored to call a sister, I am not tryna follow on that path of hatred. However instead of bashing police who mos. def abuse there power cause we could do that all day and not see change, lets make a plan of action. We all know that police kill and beat and arrest our bruh bruhs on some stupid shit, instead of going dumb and not doing nothing bout it lets empower ourselves to come at it with a plan to solve not perpetuate. These are my thoughts without process but give me a few and I will have a plan of action to make moves and a soundtrack to spin us in the right direction. So lets honor all live lost espacially the ones that didn't get a bill board but served there communities, to clarify Im talking about the Oscar Grants who have not been brought to light, lets let them shine and rise in peace, as we paint peace in these streets!!!!

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