Friday, February 6, 2009

thank the LORD (or the higher power that you get dizown wit) Its Friday


So im bout to start doing video uploads called FREESTYLE WRENAGADES
so leave a comment if you in the BAY AREA or LA AREA or NEW YORK area or ATL (or anywhere) and You would like to gets down wit a FREESTYLE FRIDAY wrenagade style...(don't assume that i will seek you out if your my homie and you know i know you got crazy flows)

(I got inspired by watching some recent freestyles of some of my homies and made my homie play the word one (you throw words out thats sposed to be hard to rime and they gotta make em work) and I went on for about 30 minutes so although I ain't a rapper Ill freestyle with or without a slapper n when i do that you can call me M.C WREN or WRENAGADE...

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