Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i never liked rumors but i HATE domestice violence...cb strikes out

The he said she said thats been going on the internet is so random and pointless, but I'm glad that folks are talking about something so untalked about...

(from the age of 8- Domestic Violence has been on my brain in many different forms, and as a women when i hear about that shit (and because of what i have seen happen to some people that i love) i gotta hold back tears when i hear about it. I know that sounds silly cause we talking bout some famouse folks known as reezy and breezy- but i don't care who it is that ish sickens me to my core.)

A month ago i gotta call rushed to aid a friend and take care of her son as she dealt wit her baby daddy (while he beat on her) I wish I could protect her, be her shield and most of all protect him (my lil homie take all that in)...I may sound like a broken record cause I have said it before but its only cause i see this shit repeating not just wit one of my sisters from another mother but wit hella folks from girls i grew up wit to new friends just made

As for Chris Brown I don't wanna say much cause I'm not the one that saw it first hand but I will say that if you check his track record its not surprising. i know second hand that 1. the man has a temper and had the cops called on him in Miama (Shore Club-2 summers ago) for getting violent wit his then girlfriend and breaking hella dishes, and 2. the man beeeen cheating on Rihanna since before most people even knew they was together...again that's second hand because although i was near i wasn't there...

I am way more concerned about my homegirls who got kids going thru this then some famous pop stars who fuck wit other people and then get crazy on each other and it blows up cause it happens to fall on the same night as a played out award show which there sposed to be performing at...or this boys milk deal getting pulled.

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Katiana said...

dam girl. im so glad u wrote this. hella beautiful to c someone speaking out. thank u