Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the bay has artists like no other

Artists here are like no other: beautiful collaborations, we have unique original style oozing out us, we start movements and say slang that the world copies, and we are slept on. But instead of blaming the industry I challenge the artist to push themselves to get the exposure they want.

I was talking with Niema (
twentysometing renaissance) the other day about that tired expression (that I've been guilty of saying too) where artists (especially rappers but artists of all forms) say: "The Bay don't support us" really? cause I see websites like 38thnotes dedicated to supporting artists, and hella people like myself that will by a box of cd's and sell it to where ever they happen to be cause they want to spread the message and see their talented Bay Artist get up. Sure we have haters and people not so willing to support others, but that's everywhere.

(thinking solutionary how can artists remain to pay homage to their homeland and not limit themselves to an underground world with less exposure)

With that off my chest we do have some hella hella hella talented artists that need to be shining cause they are stars. I am working on a mixtape with the homie Jean Marie (really beginning stages but soon ill have something for you) so I am especially loving this collaborative cover of All I want is You: (originally by Miguel) by Rafael Casal and Netta Brielle
with no further a do:

fresh right?

Shout out to local bay area artists
(just cause i haven't given you a dose of my love to promote the dope artist in a minute)
38thnotes team
true supporters of all good things Bay Area

Dom Jones: poet arts supporter, singer, song writer and much more

Netta Brielle and Kev Choice
both can Rap and Sing and stay making/releasing music everyday

Bay Area based singer songwriter Siaira Shawn

Get Back Crew: talented Poets / Music makes Rafael Casal, Chinaka Hodge, Daveed Diggs

Dear Bay Artist,
your fresh! but don't limit yourself,
eat the world and stay hungry.
If you know this then go head and keep
making good art that represents US
Much Love,

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