Friday, November 20, 2009

try sleeping with a broken heart

"Why don't you hold me
Need me
I thought you told me
You'd never leave me"...

The concept is based on the movie Hancock
or any super hero flick
where two people have immense power
so much so that they can't be with eachother
or they will harm eachother or take away the others power
this video is really well done im feeling it,
I love when the video adds new meaning to the song,
the 90's samples are uplifting and inspiring to me,
the double screens add to the interesting visuals,
it was kinda creepy when she tried to touch dudes face
and veins popped out
but it captured the lyrics perfectly
she looks fly on the motorcycle
it makes me want a motorcycle even more

I love it
Keep em coming Alicia

Performing Live:

I'm gonna find away to make it without you tonight...
I'm gonna hold on to the times we had, tonight.
You know I'll always love you. So tonight. Hold on.


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