Tuesday, May 5, 2009

got the heads phones on bumping something lovely

There goes Wren aka Wrenagade with a tool box back pack and a portfolio on the bicycleta probably rushing to class, or to work, for the 3 people that may happen to read this (smile) Ima post more soon but i been to busy to remember to breath. I got three more weeks of school and then Im working on other design projects and an art gallery show on June 13th, all of which i will post images, stories, and flix of soon. Sending love out there to all the creative people of the world that don't sleep, to my godson who is getting sweeter and more amazing on the daily my god daughter, my fam who continues to hold me down even though I haven't been around. 2009 has tried to knock me down and I am stronger because of it, forever growing, and questioning, listening to the wisdom and working to create perfection (i believe what you create is perfect when it is truly you and rises above limitation, as well as an art that comes thru you on a spiritual tip).

While I work on a graphic design project that's due at 9:00 am tomorrow i bump this song...I am really feeling----> ((JADAKISS FEATURING JAZMIN SULLIVAN (wow this is beautiful lyricism and melody I will probably write another post on this when I get the tick tocks)

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