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Hello World!
Disclaimer: 1.) All my blogs won't be this long, I am in no way a professional writer (i will make mistakes with spelling but I will do my best to cite and fact check), I have hesitated a lot about writing a blog, first off what would I focus on or would it just be hella random rants on politics music and anything I was thinking of in that moment (i plan to have a focus but it might get a little random sometimes cause that's natural for me), then I thought about how it might seem overly self righteous to think people give a rats ass bout what I am thinking enough to read the damn blog, my reasons for writing a blog are not to "get famouse" I have no desire to be in the spot light but I will promote my projects (anything I create) and people out their also doing their thang, and also that I might not have time to up keep it, but i am always writing and I got a lot to say...anyway I made it cause of being inspired in the last year by some amazing blogs, and cause I believe that I, along with some dope people who I am surrounded by, can change the world for the better and a blog is just one channel to do so...anyway the blogs that inspired me are:

L.M.W ( like minded writers) who all happen to be Bayarians...

Ms. Krish

Chinaka Hodge thickwitness


Miss Kristia

Katiana blogging her travels...

check 'em out I wouldn't put the links if I didn't stand behind 'em and they will inspire this blog a lot

and for my fashion gp:

and Kanye got one too: (((i love almost all the posts, he frequently writes on architecture and art, however not so much a fan of the posts where its a picture of a almost naked women (models and sometimes actress and singers)with a comic book speech with "Where are you Yeezy" coming from her mouth, can the category "girls" recognize women for more than beauty come on now Kanye))))

end of disclaimer.

alright so my1st blog... I wanted to start off talking about music and also introduce my plans for this blog: connecting like minds together, sharing events in the community, beginning to start my non-profit organization, and other projects currently in the works, discussing politics, current events, calling out ignorant rich folks and famous people who make dumb statements, paying homage to dope talented folks...and did i mention music.

MUSIC* MUSIC* MUSIC* *My first released work is still in the process of being recorded and mixed it will have lots and lots of songs for you to bump in your ride...and i might release an acoustic version as well which would be just vocals and guitar on a mellow soul tip. *For those who don't know why i titled the mixtape- A Change gon Come, or don't know me, heres the shortest answer i can give you: I grew up listening to Sam Cook ya know the song "Its been a loooong time coming but a change gon' come oh YEs it is... I wasss born my the river..." ok i think you get the picture.

Anyway that song stuck with me... and I am kind of and old soul, I sing old songs, and I have dedicated my life to trying to make a change towards equality ( Heres a link to what i posted a couple moths ago speaking on the tracks on my mixtape ( the myspace page has no songs im worken on in) so I know its been a long time and I been talken bout realeasen my music but I ain't gon put it out there untill its ready ...anyway the mixtape is called A Change Gon Come (paying Homage to Sam cook)

Since im still slacking it getting everything out there for now heres some background on the original songs and what not (all based on life experiences and what I've seen, as well as my views for how we can come together to make a change)-

Got a song on there called Tainted 1 verse is really just looken at the world and all the twisted systems that get folks caught up, 2nd verse about a girl who sees her first love killed in front of her eyes---> Verse 3 a Emcee who sells out and lets a record company control him, and last verse is about a young girl gett'n brainwashed.

2. "Back in the Days" basically asking us to learn from the past but live in the present

3. "Take me home" :my love song to Oakland.

4."With the Homiez": is a feel good song about kicking it.

5. "Painful Love"- is about domestic violence and being the friend of someone in that situation "yo I got a story to tell thats been told before i got a friend whos got a man that rips her heart out...we grew up together, and I got her back for life... trying to be the friend to try and mend her broken heart, picking up pieces but she will still being broken, just wishing and hopeing and praying for her...I called the house one day to see if she was ok all i heard was her scream and I got there as fast as I could, he beat her down wit his fists was kinda man is yo I wish I could take all her pain away, wish I could make her not settle and stay, widh I could protect her from harms way"

6. "Real": is just that, about Being real, taking action, protesting, speaking out, and not being fake, and stopping the hate.

7. "Outside the box": is a spoken word track that is music to ya ears-and the world through my eyes... (total i got 15 and counting tracks in process of recording)

EVENTS: I will probably only post flyer for event that I am directly a part of and want to promote. From the Bay to Brooklyn, WRENAGADE promotions will be in full effect starting now.

ALL THINGS DESIGN: expect to see a lot of design posts. I'm a design student...


! *I draw all the time, mostly portraits, and I saw this blog that was just all sketches so I want to have some posts like that which will be called city sketches (unless my geography changes). heres some old stuff:











*I will also do artist profiles and art gallery flix...
an artist that I love and who inspires me immensly is Justin Bua.

I love his work!

*If you know art gallery's in the Bay Area that are available please let me know


TO CUBA- Me and my sister Katiana are pushing to have a show hopefully in Dec.-Jan. which will be a combination of art and photography from Cuba (shes there right now and I'm knowing that she is safe even with the hurricanes) here is a little flick of Kati an I last spring in Harlem...
Katiana has been there through it all, since I was about 13 we have been tight and I respect this women so much, shes been such a support to me, from letting me stay at her casa, to having long ass conversations till the break of dawn about how to impact and "change the world." I am honored to be her friend, and I hope I am as wonderful to her as she is to me.

Alright on that lovely note I end this rant of a first blog. PEACE!

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