Friday, June 24, 2011


I will now be blogging mostly about my jouney becoming a healing
I just started training and I LOVE IT - my arms are outstretched ready to recieve and EXCITED for this new chapter of my life...

if you have art inquires email THANKS
Be well,

Friday, June 17, 2011

so many things i could say but instead...

Im in a wonderful place in life right now but ima keep it so unpersonal no wrenagade rant kind of a closed book when it comes to the internet - but always down to share about the MUSIC!!!! so you know for the most part i like positive musica mostly made by some folks im honored to call friends but recently i have been appreciating commercial musica for what it is...Beyonce and Lil Wayne have fame for a reason and whether they are overated to some or not really doesn't matter to me when i am looking for music to make me feel a certain way... So with that said {despite having an association with this white boi gold teeth wearing wanna be New Orleans from Oakland asswhole that I associate with lil wayne cause he's stuck in a middle school mentality obsessed with the hot boys and jordans} I am a Lil Wayne FAN in this all started with this song:

the lyrics the sensitivity and complexity are refreshing!
hella music makers could take notes...I know i am

n despite {tim westood?} annyoing ness of interviewing {maybe thats me just sick of white people thinking they no hip hop more then the next} this interview in terms of Lil Wayn's feeling towards music was on point - shows his HEART:

oh and this song - I don't care how many dumb songs this man has when he makes heart felt songs he goes in...(mind you i still have a love hate relationship with artists like him)

anyways Love you all Love myself a tad bit more cause to Love you gotta know and I know me...

PS Locks are sexy and i miss seeing them everyday...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Are you impressed???


Friday, June 3, 2011

Video: Kev Choice: "Are You Impressed?"

Oakland’s maestro Kev Choice is back with a video for “Are You Impressed?” from his latest effort, The Power of Choice. The pianist, producer, bandleader and emcee dons conductor’s tails and jams with a few of his band members and Ms. Netta Brielle as he attempts to woo a young lady.

Kev is quite accomplished, and he uses this to his advantage when trying to attract the interest of a beautiful woman. While most rappers try to stunt and use the “Biatch” mating call, Kev opts for showcasing his cultured and well-rounded life. He travels the globe doing what he loves, but is also firmly rooted in the community and his responsibility as a father. “A pretty hot commodity, rock with a community / You gotta go to Alaska to find a dude as cool as me.” He clearly also has hip-hop’s requisite bravado on tap.

Check out the Samm Styles and Brian Storm directed video, and check out a couple other cuts from The Power of Choice on our February and March editions ofThe Bay Abridged.