Sunday, June 5, 2011

Are you impressed???


Friday, June 3, 2011

Video: Kev Choice: "Are You Impressed?"

Oakland’s maestro Kev Choice is back with a video for “Are You Impressed?” from his latest effort, The Power of Choice. The pianist, producer, bandleader and emcee dons conductor’s tails and jams with a few of his band members and Ms. Netta Brielle as he attempts to woo a young lady.

Kev is quite accomplished, and he uses this to his advantage when trying to attract the interest of a beautiful woman. While most rappers try to stunt and use the “Biatch” mating call, Kev opts for showcasing his cultured and well-rounded life. He travels the globe doing what he loves, but is also firmly rooted in the community and his responsibility as a father. “A pretty hot commodity, rock with a community / You gotta go to Alaska to find a dude as cool as me.” He clearly also has hip-hop’s requisite bravado on tap.

Check out the Samm Styles and Brian Storm directed video, and check out a couple other cuts from The Power of Choice on our February and March editions ofThe Bay Abridged.

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Drew said...

Nice, way to plug KEV, you know he deserves. I'll be checking out this project ASAP...