Sunday, May 22, 2011

"I got my reasons" is an anthem

photo taken by Wrenagade of Emcee Plane Jane in Richmond California 2010
When someone judges you and you keep it moving
{i got my reasons}
If I show random acts of kindness
{i got my reasons}
If I decide to travel and be nomadic
{i got my reasons}
This is for anyone that adores music, especially Hip Hop,
But anyone that mainly enjoys music that tells stories,
Music from the heart,
Music that expresses pain,
Music that gives voice to the Struggle.

I could go on more but i won't {i got my reason}
I sometimes offer little explanation {i got my reasons}
I ain't never met a good cop n i say fuck the Police {i got my reasons}
I left Oakland for a little

I want to see more women in Power
{i got my reasons}
I want to see more women of color Empowered
{i got my reason}
I know this LADY SPITTAS MOVEMENT is gonna be fly
{i got my reasons.

If i haven't made it CLEAR: {i got my reasons}
is an anthem

Plane Jane: is an emcee who has many reasons to pour out her soul into every song she makes, with this song/video she has done a beautiful job of just that. I have had the honor of working with her in a creative way, }performing with and getting behind the lense to shoot her} and I look forward to many more projects to come with this amazing talented WOMAN.

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