Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fly (mama) Artista: Sarah Kolker

Introducing Sarah Kolker. This blog entry is long overdue I have been inspired by this lovely ladies art ever since I met her at one of her art shows in New York (2007). Since then she has grown as an artist developing other mediums and she has now been a Mama, raising the beautiful lil Purple.
as well as newly certified as a yoga instructor. It has been a blessing to be surrounded by the force that is SARAH KOLKER and I wanted to share of the amazingness she creates with all of you.

In most of Sarah's art she blends portraits with words to make meaningful pieces that make you think. The one below was used in her show at Guerilla Cafe. What speaks to me about this piece is its clever, its bold, and it makes a topic that is mostly one of frustration from a womans perspective of being objectified, into something that makes you laugh. That right their is the reason her art is very healing, and deeper than the surface.

I adore this image, blending words and her stylized portraits in a very sweet way...
Her art is also wearable and she had a number of screen printed designs - one of which i am sporting as i travel thru the midwest, that reads: Fight like Buddha - Meditate with her visuals to make the meaning even stronger.

this particular screen print seen in the picture above as she makes it is a portrait of her daughter: Purple. As a fellow artist i love watching the process of creation, developement of craft and how life rains into the picture as our life takes different paths. Below is a piece very much right on time as Sarah ventures and swims deep into the world of yoga and body healing.

You can follow her on Twitter twitter @kolks
And look her up if your any type of healing space that need a yoga instructor she is just begining this journey and need this local community to support.
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