Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beauty is Life

If you don't already know I am in the process of becoming a tattoo artist, and one way of becoming apart of this world is my project called wrenagadeinkproject...I won't share too much because it is all very hush hush untill finished but I will share a lil photo from one of the recent photo shoots I did. This is a youth that is the program Youth Spirit Artworks that I was going hard in the paint for a while back. She is from the town, and emcee and all around fly sister who has "beauty is Life" tatted across her chest. Recently she told me that her cousin was shot and in the hospital in critical condition, so you know her life is filled with some challenges yet she is still able to rise above. She like many positive women I am surrounded by inspires me immensely and I thank her for being her and doing all that she does at a young age, she holds it down. Keep Your Head up lil sis and keep Smiling!!!!

heres a rough version on the song i recorded - Forever moving forward!:::

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