Monday, December 13, 2010

Pretty Girl Movement

So why is it that claiming your pretty (even if someone's boyfriend doesn't think so) is liking asking people to HATE on you. Is is peoples insecurities, or a trend to keep women down...

you can press play and have this song as the soundtrack to my post
I love that she paid homage to some pretty girls through out time.
The T-Boz one was my favorite!

A few weeks ago i had dinner with a family friend and her sweet mom who was visiting from the east coast. Both are beautiful women with short hair, always stylish and fashionable. At one point we were all in awe of the gorgouseness of the wisest woman at the table (she's in her 80's) because she was glowing. Her response was quick and it seemed that she took the complement and quickly denied it saying that she couldn't believe it. This started a conversation about how women since day one are taught to not hold their head high or they will be hated on. I remember when i got caught blowing kisses at myself in the mirror when i was about three and was immediately talked about for having a "big head." I learned to not show my ecstatic confidence in public for fear of persecution from my peers mostly women. I have a distict memory of over hearing someone telling a family member that i was "cute but you shouldn't tell her or she'll think she's all that." Now Im not saying girls need to grow up thinking a red carpet is necessary for her highness, but whats wrong with a girl embracing her physical beauty.

Apart of me feels its a society marketing conspiracy : if we make women feel they are not then we can make them buy hella products because they will believe they need them to be beautiful. We will make them feel they need to get there "nails did, hair did, everything did," to replace that emptiness by feeling fancy.The other side to this is when you add race into to it. Although over time its gotten better with more women of all races to show that beauty comes in all color, it still encourages a "white washed version." I feel lucky to have been raised in the bay where there's a lil bubble where its a plus to have a lil more junk in the trunk, and looking unique is complemented, but theres still issues in what women are raised on regardless of what community, or the medias influence.

Sometimes it seems like just by being a woman when you walk in the room, is a invitation for everyone to comment on the physical. That's why all though it may be corny im feeling Keri Hilson's song "pretty girl rock." I wanted to also share a few photographs of my friends who are fresh inside and out.

Adia lives in the bay and has done photo shoots in Portland, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles to book her email She's one of the nicest people i know and definitely one of the prettiest.

Next up: Siaira Shawn is a multi faceted, talented individual, promoter of unique looks, stylish, what more can i are by pretty girl Adenike (more shots can be viewed at AdenikeShotMe )

And last but not least i've been spending every free moment making art (hella) inspired from the art show I went to Friday you can check the pictures here and I wanted to share some paintings that I think work a illustrators for the pretty girl movement cause there of women and there GORGOUS. check em and check the art of Joshua Mays at

I think there's nothing wrong with encouraging confidence and embracing of ones beauty.
With that said someone who looks nice get real ugly in my eyes when they aren't to pretty on the inside and act in ways not desired. Nothing wrong with loving the way you look ladies... Pretty Girl Movement!


Anonymous said...

I feel you on this post! Because of all of the stipulations that come with acknowledging one's own beauty, physical or otherwise, I find myself unable to hear or receive compliments without getting flustered. Your story about blowing kisses reminded me of a similar tale. I was about 8, swimming at a local pool when someone complimented me on my eyelashes. I said something like "everyone says that!" and my Mother PROMTLY scolded me. We're taught that beauty is one of our most important assets as women but we must not embrace it. Then we are bombarded with images of what beauty is "supposed" to be and we become the most insecure/vain of the sexes. Just another tick on the totem pole of what it is to be a woman! Le Sigh...

wren Love said...

glad you feel me on this...constantly seeing the effects of this makes me wana yell its 2011 woman we can be proud of our beauty already...update this post is hella more meaningful because that elder at the table that night just passed away (my friends mam's) she was getting up there but it was still hella sudden n it made me call my grandma, and really just cherish all the elder women in my life...