Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Music: Love Pain & Music

Let me start by saying I'm not a pop fan at all, but I make an exception for folks like Netta Brielle because its HipPop at its best. The whole mixtape is dope...please check the whole thing out if you haven't already Here
The flow and collaboration of the production makes for a really good listening experience. She starts off by getting you to nod ya head and turn it up with Screamin.' She keep showing her love for 80's with Electric Love which is silly and fun all around good jam.I love the All i want is you cover (that i just posted). I always like when people do phone calls on a mixtape cause it just works, and its especially dope when it leads to a banging beat with Breathe. "Pushing Away" just might be my favorite and i can picture a video of it on trl and 106&park in other words it needs to hit some charts up. I'm glad she brought back"Tonight." She hits us with the Pain part of the tape with "Deceitful Love" the lyrics paint the struggle of knowing it ain't right to be with someone but feeling like you can't walk away, trying to muster up that strength to leave. Only right to be followed up with the hook "Try to let it go" (cause it ain't good for me) and then straight into "Deuces" she sounds good next to Chris Brown. Maybe this good be a foreshadowing of a music collaboration in this singers future. "Dance with You" and "Strobe Light" should be on every party mix from here on out. "Takeover" took me a second to get pulled into this one but once i did i Love it, and I think its Netta at her best and true to herself, with an Aaliyah vibe. "Im in Love with the DJ" is fresh (so dj's betta play that shit). I think she most definitely did "Glamourous Life" justice and its dope to have multiple bay artists do a song like that. I'm glad "Girlfriend #2" was covered cause now theres a female perspective, but i think the original version is WACK.

What do you think of "Inseparable"? I think it shows her vocal range and is a nice change of pace. "The One" is solid as well" and I love that she thanks everyone on the "Outro" and ends it with the message to hold onto your dreams and believe.


Anonymous said...

how are you?

Awesome blog, great write up, thank you!

TUG said...

I just listen to Love, Pain & Music Mixtape by Netta Brielle and overall I enjoy what I listen too. A true Artist in the making. The songs that that stuck out for me the most is Pushing Away,Glamorous Lifestyle R&B Remix,and Inseperable. She got a gifted voice. I stay in Sunny South Florida where its more rappers than singers. I hope i can hear her on my radio airwaves in Fla soon. Great Post.

wren Love said...

Yeah I hope more talented artists would get played in other places like Florida...Thanks for checking the music...come back soon.