Monday, July 26, 2010

A story of an Emcee on the Rise named ST (Spittin)

In case you have thought that anything on this here blog has not been filtered to the fullest this is a notice: I stepped up my bar game and finally decided to claim Emcee title with that I only will post the like of the finest emcees, who i respect for a plethora of reasons. This artist has talent, crazy word play, and a quality i can't really define almost a bounce in vocals as he flows that goes hella well with the beat.

The video speaks on his history in other areas of Hip Hop (dancing) and this is an inspiration for all my fellow multi-taskers of the arts. ST is a visual lyrical and all around artist and this is testimony for all talented artist keep, keep honoring your gifts and your light will shine (even when it seems to take hella hella time) I had the realization that I can use the fact that I am in a lil bit of every art to my advantage. Don't let your mind tell you your any less than amazing, and keep speaking on it, like the Homie St!

Check his video which highlights some of his lyrics, and his background on how he became to be the Emcee he is today:

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