Wednesday, February 3, 2010


it is finally here!!!!!! By any name this LADY SPITTA is in a league of her own. Her evolution as an artist is inspiring. From work as a journalist for Rolling Stones broadcast on MTV for the world to see her skills, whether spitt'n to a crowd or interviewing those that do, she keeps it real and puts her heart into it. It is and honor to call her a friend, and I definitely want to collaborate with her in the future (on any capacity -art/music...) Before you read this go head and get yo copy at and have a listen:

    1. via cdbaby:
      The debut self-titled album from Rocky Rivera. The 13-song album is sonically drum heavy, melodically strong and lyrically amazing! Rocky Rivera journals the struggles of a young San Francisco-raised woman of color. A must have for all Hip Hop fans.
      1. 1. Rocky Rivera Produced by 6Fingers
          1. 2. MRSHMLO Produced by 6Fingers
              1. 3. Girl Like Me - featuring Dun Dun of Los RAKAS Produced by 6Fingers
                1. 4. The Rundown - Produced by Fatgums.
                  1. 5. Trick Habit - Produced by @6Fingers
                    1. 6. Heart - Produced by 6Fingers
                      1. 7. Grimy - Produced by DexBeats
                        1. 8. Turn It Up featuring Liezel - Produced by 6Fingers
                          1. 9. Complex - Produced by Keelay5 & Zair
                            1. 10. I Am Gone - Produced by NickJames
                              1. 11. Go There - Produced by @CzaTheCEO
                                1. 12. Me To You - Produced by @Keelay5 & Zaire
                                1. 13. Ride Out (w/ TheJacka & Sanquin) -Produced by CZATheCEO

            1. its no secret that EYEASAGE aka ROCKY RIVERA is one of my favorite emcees and I bumped her mixtape MARRIED TO THE HUSTLE steadily on repeat. What i love about her as an artist is that she reps hard for ladies but always stays real to herself and what she is about.
              She goes hard for the bay but anyone can relate to her songs. The bay needs more artists like her: who have universal appeal with out toning down their flavor (cuz you know we got a lil extra in the Bay)A journalist, activist, mother and emcee and she does it all with class and style and she makes it look easy!
              ROCKY RIVERA GANSTA OF LOVE and she got "HEART" "new that it was coming when the panthers started forming so i booked the first flight to the states in the morning to show them my solidarity...Revolution in my Heart" still speaking politically and schooling us on tracks like "THE RUNDOWN" "had a massacre history crossed out a generation gone and the story that we missed out i live a life trying make up for the lost time looking for reasons to be proud of my own kind" She breaks it down for yall matters that may seem "complex" with lyrics like "Queen Latifah telling brothers bout a certain word they like to use when they feeling insecure so they pull out all the bitches and the sluts and the whores but look i heard it all you can try me still got a purpose even if you don't like me still gonna rhyme even if you don't buy me still for the struggle when they try to dollar sign me"<-------Whaaaaat this is why she Gooesits lyrics like this and exquisite choices on her part in production every song is a slapper

          Tonights its going down The Release party is gonna be amazing with the Homies Dun Dun and Isis G rawking aswell come thru and CELEBRATE the RELEASE OF ROCKY RIVERA in her hometown the CITY of SAN FRANCISCO and MILK:

          "Dropped the pen, picked up a mic to share a story with you..." -ROCKY RIVERA

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          Ms. Krish said...

          Love it mama!!!!!

          So glad you broke down the lyrics that you liked the most. Thank you always for your support and makes my work worthwhile :)

          Krish aka ROCKY