Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Purple Dreaming ---> "Bout to Blow Up"

Yesterday I spent all day working on something from school to hustlen, by the time i whiped in the whip home around 11 i was tired as fuck. I planned on getting up putting ice on my sprained ankle and charging my phone but i never made it out the bed. Instead i spent the whole night and part of the early am PURPLE DREAMING. I had this dream and if i love you were in it either a lil bit or a lot. The whole concept was all my hard work paid off and life was full of all the artisticness that i had manifested and i was traveling the world doing what i love-singing-painting-and overall making-people smile.

I think my dream was right, thus said i got some work to do to make that happen. check back real soon i got lots and lots and lots of art to sho you!!! love you -Wren

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