Sunday, April 19, 2009

MISTAH FABby Himself

The more I learn about Mistah FAB the more I like. He is mos def. under-rated and over looked but the people that know him well know that he is real, thought provoking, and coming from the heart. Anyone that hates on him really doesn't know him at all. In the past months since Dec. 31st I have been bumping his music in steady rotation, from the 'Oscar Grant tribute song' which features Jennifer Johns to 'Teenage Thug', to 'My City', to the new joint No 420. The songs are all refreshingly original, true to his Townish roots, and they GO!

Not only is Mistah FAB doing it in the HIP HOP world because of the songs he creates and his ridiculous freestyle capabilities, but he is also using his platform to speak on issues in the Oakland Community, and anything from AIDS/HIV awareness to Sustainability and Poverty. I will continue to post more on Mistah Fabby Davis as he continues to inspire and do what he does. I also want to shout him out for being a DOPE DAD and taking care of his daughter, as well as always sharing with his tweets (twitter) his love and respect for his mamma! Check out his NO 420 it mos def helped me get thru 2day in one piece! Mad Love.


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one of the realest people i ever met all good things coming his way are well deserved!

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