Thursday, April 16, 2009


back again cause i can never show to much respect,A lil props to the women that make music that I love, a lil love for women who speak there mind, Mad love to the women who are on their grind, These women are all really doing it, I am honored to have been able to speak with these sisters, to hear there thoughts on Hip Hop and see them rawk a stage...

(from a verse i wrote a while back IM DAT WOMAN)
...Goapele bringing me close to my dreams
to Mystic who spits it and told me
to get it and sing it
Keyshia for being her and repping my hood
EyeASage fly lady for making that music
to knock all day and repping the BAY
Jennifer Johns can do nada wrong
with pipes and wisdom to make anyone
wit ears wanna listen
i could go on all day cause theirs
hella women that do they thang
whether they rap or sing
film, or write, paint or freedom fight...


Anonymous said...

I love that poem your should but up the whole thing girl

Anonymous said...

Shout yourself out wrenagade with the flows when are you performing at Long Beach state